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The Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies (a.k.a. The SLUGS) is a Naturist Events Club and a registered non-profit club incorporated in the State of Washington.

The SLUGS offers a wide variety of social naturist activities year-round. We offer a low cost, easy entry for new naturists to join a group of like minded people and try out social nudism in a wide range of activities. We are a “travel club,” meaning we do not own land, but have our activities on public land or by visiting Naturist/Nudist clubs, parks, and resorts. This allows us to have very low expenses and keep our annual dues very affordable. We are an all volunteer organization with a Board of Directors and Officers that provide guidance and basic club structure.

We do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, gender or marital status. One of our primary goals is to be a vehicle for entry into naturism. We especially encourage families and young adults wishing to have an understanding of the benefits found in naturism to join us. All our events are family friendly – meaning our activities will always be appropriate for children. Plus, all of our members have passed a criminal background check.

Our goal is to have a group of naturists that you will enjoy getting to know, while getting rid of those pesky tan lines at the same time. Join us and start living a more fulfilling life.

Our members have a zest for life and love to be outdoors in the sunshine or enjoying a naturist spa facility on those frequent gray overcast days.

Typical activities* include:

  • day hikes in the Cascades & central WA
  • retreats to spas, resorts, and B&Bs
  • hot springs visits in WA and OR
  • mountain lake swimming
  • volleyball, boccie ball, kite flying fun
  • sauna: traditional, Russian, & steam room
  • hot tubs at clubs, homes, & portable
  • potlucks and picnics
  • movie night – house party
  • bicycling on solitary roads and trails
  • kayaking and canoeing
  • backpacking or car-camping in the fores
  • visiting beaches —including the famous Wreck Beach in Canada and the two legal clothing optional beaches in Oregon

*All done without clothing when possible and practical for the activity.

We also participate in other organizations’ activities such as Bare Buns Fun Runs, music festivals, and other regional gatherings. In the winter we have indoor swims, potlucks, house-parties, retreats, and many food-centric outings.

Our activities are inspired by our members, so if you didn’t see your favorite hobby, then let us know and we’ll do it… we love to try new activities.

The SLUGS publish an award winning newsletter with news of future trips, reviews of past events, entertaining and educational articles. It is offered in digital and paper formats.

Your membership also includes access to our Email discussion group, where timely information is shared and impromptu evens are announced. It is easy to use with messages going individually or once daily to your inbox.

To aid you in discovering who the SLUGS are and what we do, please have a look at our ACTIVITY CALENDAR page and try to attend one of our events listed there. Send us an E-mail introducing yourself and asking directions to the event if you need help finding it. Often, you will find an E-mail address for the event coordinator or the host of the activity within the calendar listing and they can help you with questions too.

Box 68843
Seattle, WA 98168-0843
206.344.NUDE (6833)

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